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A Tsundere's Proposal | Midorima Shintaro
A Tsundere's Proposal | Midorima Shintarō x Reader
--Every girl dreams for a fancy proposal --
It was a cloudy day today that you could easily look up. It looked like it wasn't going to rain, so you thought of taking a walk with your dear boyfriend, Midorima. 
It was still hard to persuade him to the things you wanted to do, disregard the 7 year relationship you've had.
It wasn't as bad compared to when he (you) asked you (him) out on a date. 
After talking a walk to what you call a perfect day, you both went straight to your apartment. 
"Why did we have to stay 3 hours outside again?" Midorima spoke sternly as he always does, while removing his jacket.
"So that you could stay overnight here." You chuckled as you did the same as him. 
"Well, at least we're alone." He paused and stared at you whilst you did too. You grinned."N-Not that I wanted to be alone with you, I just didn't like people around." He sat do
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They Were Here | Levi, Akashi and Yato
They Were Here | Levi, Akashi & Yato x Reader
Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin
Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko no Basuke
Yato from Noragami
Kamiya Hiroshi is one of your favorite voice actors in the anime industry. 
He voiced your most favorite characters since you started watching anime.
It all started from Lance Corporal Levi from Attack on Titan then you got so intrigued in who voiced him because it was so amazing, you searched it on Google. It lead you on watching Noragami, where he voiced Yato and in Kuroko no Basuke, where he voiced Akashi Seijūrō. 
You fell in love with them so much that you were so addicted to them. 
You love crossovers and you made a lot of fanart from them. 
"Haaa~" you sighed contentedly after making another fanart. "Oh would you look at that, it's already 2:36 A.M." you chuckled and yawned. It was normal for you these years to sleep late. 
You stood up and turned off your computer. You crashed to y
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The Thread of Fate | Midorima Shintaro
The Thread of Fate | Midorima Shintarō x Reader
Soulmate!AU where you have a knot on your pointer and when you're near your soulmate, a thread appears and continues to the other end.
-- A single thread is tied on a person's pointer, a thread that cannot be cut until they meet the other end. --
"A long thread, called 'The Thread of Fate' has been around since the era where it all started. The first humans that were made in this world, man and woman, had a thread connected to each other's hands, specifically pointers. 
It is connected, though not seen by the human eye but when these two are close with each other, it will show itself and they can follow the string that was bestowed upon humans to find their one true pairing. Of course, only the two can see it.
When they do meet, they'll hold each others' hands as a promise to the heavens that they will be together as destined, however, if one cuts the seen threa
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Your Thoughts | Aomine Daiki
Your Thoughts | Aomine Daiki x Reader
Soulmate!AU where your soulmate will be able to read your thoughts about them in your first meeting.
-- First impressions aren't always the best ones -- 
It was a nice and warm spring in Tokyo, Japan. First time in this country so you were nervous and happy at the same time. 
Maybe you'll meet him. Your one true prince. Hoping that he is. 
You have been in (Country) for 16 years yet you still haven't found the man that's supposed to infiltrate your privacy in your mind. 
It was said that when you reach the age of 18 years old and you still haven't found your soulmate, both of you will never meet and never have true love (since you both never met). 
Although this was a really rare case, you were scared. You didn't want to be alone. You wanted to have a family and have kids. You enjoyed your mother and father's story about the thoughts they had about each other. You
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Or Forever Hold Your Peace | Akashi Seijuro
Or Forever Hold Your Peace | Akashi Seijūrō x Reader                                                        
 Soulmate!AU where you'll meet your soulmate in their own marriage.
Warning: Small amount of swearing and a whole lot of "Akashi is so hot omg"  
-- In the house of God, during the priest's last speech in marriage, they'll know, who they're meant to be with. --
Soulmates— people that were made for each other— rarely existed in the world.
Of course, they all think it was just some weird fairy tale junk that people made up to have a reason to be together, but it wasn't. And only a few people knew this.
Those who had a heart mark on the nape of their neck but the mark disappears when they meet that's why no one knows who's who
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (27)
Chapter 27- Plans
3rd Person's P.O.V.
Erika and Ase continue to look above the island of Berk, where they were about to land, in horror.
"Ok..?" Erika chuckled nervously and saw where (Name) was. "Oh oh. There's (Name)!" She pointed enthusiastically. She took Raven's attention and eventually landed near her best friend.
Raven landed down beside (Name) safely as for the two riders got down afterwards.
"Hey, this place, isn't the Berk we left earlier." Erika spoke up.
"Very observant, Erika." Hiccup praised. "But (Name) has something to tell us." Hiccup raised his hand to quiet everyone down.
(Name) took a deep breath so that she could calm down from the things that were happening. She was panicking inside. What if that was her mother? Would (Name) ask her everything while Berk is being attacked by her and Drago? She couldn't decide anything. But the one thing she did decide is to tell everyone what she thinks. She doesn't know the future, so
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (26)
Chapter 26- Was It Her?
Your P.O.V.

"Lagina?" I spoke, surprised. "LAGINA?!" I screamed and followed her and her rider. That's probably mom- Wait, then they're the ones who are attacking Berk.
"W-Why?" I whispered while I was mindlessly following them from the ground. "Why?!" I screamed. I felt something stopped me, but I didn't know what it was. The rider looked at me and I noticed his or her eyes widen. The rider stopped Lagina from flying further. That rider just stared at me and flew away eventually after calling out to their allies.
"RETREAT!" I heard the rider scream and all of the Changewings followed them. But the damaged one was left alone.
It roared to the other Changewings and they just glanced in despair.
I was also in despair.
And confusion.
I breathed out and when I was back to reality, I saw Hiccup's arms were around me.
Stopping me from following Lagina.
"Hey, hey. Are you alright? You kept screaming.... 'Lagina' over that
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Female!Hiccup x Male!Reader : Fear, gone.
Female!HiccupHaddock III x Male!Reader
What if they became a girl?

Note: Hiccup Haddock III = Heidi Haddock III
Your name = Male name
3rd Person P.O.V 
"No." you replied to your mother that wants you socialized with the dragons and the other Vikings your age, which was 19-20 years old.
"Come on, honey. Almost all the Vikings your age are either dragon racing or- " she explained yet you spoke even though she hasn't finished talking yet.
"Mom, stop comparing me to them. I'm different. I'm myself and don't even think about planning something stupid because I'm not buying it!" you screamed. You pointed at her and glared. You were walking out and kept on glaring at her, and when you were on the edge of the doorstep, you mouthed 'I'm watching you.'. With your two fingers, you pointed from your eyes to you
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (25)
Chapter 25- Attacks

Your P.O.V. 

I held my breath underwater and immediately saw Erika, sinking down. I went down to take her but I don't know if my breath could take this long underwater. I pulled her up with all my might but as I already held her hand, I ran out of air.
It turned out that when we were both talking, a flock of Changewings were going towards us, that's why Hiccup screamed. Raven dodge the acid one Changewing blasted but me and Erika weren't holding well so we fell.
I took a deep breath as someone pulled us up. I was still holding Erika's arm. It's called friendship.
"Are you guys alright?" Hiccup asked while my back was on his thighs. I coughed out the water and sat straight up.
"I-I'm alright..." I spoke and breathed in and out deeply. I looked around and I didn't see Erika anywhere. "W-Where's Erika?!" I screamed and stood up. Ase waved her hand and I saw Erika was beside her, not far from where me and Hiccup were.
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (24)

Chapter 24- Small Talks 

(TBH this is just a filler)

Your P.O.V. 
"Then let's go train some." I confidently spoke. I placed my hands on my hips and gave a sure shrug. 
"Great idea. That way, we could also discover things about dragons." Ase excitedly said as she stood up. 
Erika smiled and nodded. "Yes but I want my dragon to be as beautiful as me." She flipped her hair as if she didn't have hands to just fix them herself. Typical. I'm used to it anyway.
"Hm, a Changewing could do the trick." Fishlegs told us. "They could be as beautiful as the most glorious scenery in all of the places. Right?" He raised his eyebrows repeatedly and Ase chuckled. 
"He's got a point there." Ase agreed. Erika, acting to be choosy, looked up the sky and put her fingers under her chin. 
"Hm... sure. And I'm gonna name it Astrid." She declared. Astrid glared at her and Erika stated that she was
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (23)
Chapter 23- Let's Train Then

Your P.O.V. 

I nodded and not wanting to go back and wake our dragons, we ran on our own to the Great Hall, where the whole gang was.
As I opened the door, I saw my most missed people on Berk. Even though I was just gone for a couple of days. Astrid was talking to Erika and Ase about something. Fishlegs was alone on a table with a whole lot of books around him. Snotlout was with Astrid, Erika and Ase, flirting and knowing Erika, she flirted back. They would actually be a good couple. Tuffnut and Ruffnut were, as usual, fighting about something stupid. I smiled to see them alright. I walked inside and Astrid probably heard or saw the door open.
She glanced at us and ran to me.
"(NAME)?!" she exclaimed and gave me a big and tight hug.
And to the two girls that were talking to her, followed. They all hugged me.
"O-o-oka-okay... C-Can.t bre-breathe!" I stuttered and they all let go of me. "Man, tha
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Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (22)
Chapter 22 - Explanations
Your P.O.V. 
I just accepted my own feeling. Dang, that's rare. Eh, Hiccup's rare too you know. A brave, sarcastic, funny, cute, peaceful, - ugh, who am I kidding, everything you could ever wish for, kind of guy. But I'm not that in-love with him. I just met him a few months ago and I'm not that kind of girl who really falls in-love deeply with a guy. He just lightens up my mood and stuff. I don't know. I don't really fully understand what I'm feeling for him but I know it's love. 
Come on, who wouldn't fall in-love with him? No one, cause he belongs to me. 
Oh my Thor.... 
I shook my head as I took off my back from the rock I was leaning on. I spanked my head lightly from all the thoughts that were bugging me. "Just. Stop. You have better things to think about. I have time for that kind of things after this war." I whispered to myself and took out a small breath after. And then I felt
:iconanimelover2701:Animelover2701 41 25
Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (21)
A/N: Ok lol if you don't like the fluff, just skip this chapter. I just missed the fluff XD Forgive me though for some cliché stuff ;-; it's fluff! what can I do? ;~; Anywaysss... enjoy, for those who want to read. *smiles*


Chapter 21 - Stop Denying!
Your P.O.V.
I want to throw his whole body in the deepest part of the ocean and-
"I kinda missed you." he whispered from my shoulder.
I blushed and pushed him away from me, violently. "Don't d-do stuff like th-that without asking!!" I screamed. Not too loud.
"So if I asked, would you allow me?" he smirked and yawned, which looked so cute.
"I-I wouldn't. Duh?" I rolled my eyes then he suddenly did it again.
"See. That's why I did it without your permission." he whispered near my ear. "So if you'll excuse me, I'll just be sleeping on your shoulder now." he wrapped his arms around me and snuggled his head on my shoulder. My shoulder! I was p
:iconanimelover2701:Animelover2701 39 6
Female!Jack x Male!Reader: Love by the Window
Female!Jack Frost x Male!Reader
What if they became a girl?
Note: Jack Frost = Jane Frost
Your name = Male name
You guys know the ice thingy on glass that Jack made in the movie? And you could actually write on it ? That'll be the one that I'm gonna use when I italicize the phrase that Frost will use. Kay? Thanks.
3rd person P.O.V. 
"Ugh." You groan as, again, for the nth time, you have been rejected by a girl you just confessed to. You didn't understand why they didn't like you. I mean, who could resist you?
You're kind, sweet and not to mention, handsome.
(You're welcome.) 
"Why do you have to exist, friendzone?" you rolled on your bed, and rolled again thinking of why does that always happen to you.
"I know I'm kind of stupid but I'll take care of her. I won't ever leave he
:iconanimelover2701:Animelover2701 18 1
Female!Tadashi x Male!Reader: My Favorite Mistake
Female!Tadashi Hamada x Male!Reader
What if they became a girl?
Note: Tadashi Hamada = Tanari Hamada
Your name = Male name
3rd person P.O.V. 
"Woah." you told yourself as you saw the glistening halls of your new school. "This is awesome." you 'fanboyed' inside. You looked around the school you've always dreamed of getting in. Thanks a lot to your invention, you got admitted to, according to you, the most awesome and radical school in Japan. 
You're a 17-year-old boy ready to go to the next stage of your life. College. 
Robotics is your life. Helping people was your goal. So you wished someone had the same goal as you. A girl perhaps. 
You wanted to feel how 'love' works. 
Sure you have loving parents, but a different kind of love. Maybe. 
'Whatever.' you thought to yourself a
:iconanimelover2701:Animelover2701 9 1
Hiccup x Reader: The Dragon Whisperer (20)
Chapter 20 - The Come Back
Your P.O.V 
"What happened?" I told myself. I turned to Raven and saw her face. Worried as mine was. "Hiccup. Hiccup." I tossed his folded sword up and down while I was thinking on where they could be. 
"Um, (Name). What are you holding?" Raven asked. I was looking around, thinking on what to do when she asked me. I immediately stared at her and answered her. 
"Hiccup's sword thingy." I said and I shrugged when I said 'thingy'. "Hey, don't blame me, I don't know what it's called." Then I just remembered, that Raven could hear from a thousand kilometers, probably a mile. I don't know, probabilities, right? Wait, what's kilometers and mile? Made up units I guess. Whatever it means, it's far.
"Hey Raven, can you hear anything around here?" I asked her, putting Hiccup's sword on one of my pockets. Then Raven started to listen while I just looked around for any living thing. 
"(Name). Righ
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ok wtf attack on titan 

chapter 82

im really not happy

and i dont even journal man



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